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The underlying philosophy of Micklesoft is to develop long term relationships with all our customers. We will spend time learning and fully understanding your business in an effort to help you make the maximum efficiency savings from your new software. Of course you are the expert of your business, but we may be able to add new ideas and insights on how the software can make a bigger and more positive effect on your business.

If you are not technically minded, we look to bridge the gap between what you want to achieve and how it can be physically achieved via software.

Usually we do not look to replace all of your software; instead our preferred option is to add links between your exisiting systems, in an effort to get them all working together that bit more efficiently.  Of course this is not always possible and a complete new system is always an option.

Micklesoft will help you through the whole project lifecycle.  From help with planning and design, we will build, test, install and support any system we help you implement.

If you buy bespoke software from us we will always offer on-going support.

Whilst we constantly monitor the latest developments in the software world, we will not use a piece of technology just because it is new and in fashion.  Our aim is to help you achieve your requirements and we will always do that by using the best tools for that purpose.  Your requirements are pivotal.